Small in Size, Big in Power

The Rosso Water Floating Fortress is a massive (18 ft. by 6 ft.) water mat that has a staggering weight capacity of 1,200 pounds (6-8 people). Resembling a floatable dock, the Floating Fortress has many different applications that provide fun for the entire family, whether it be the kids playing on it or the adults sunbathing on top of it enjoying some drinks. Made from cross-linked polyethylene foam, the Floating Fortress is extremely durable, as it is tear resistant and does not fade in the sun. The Floating Fortress is equipped with enhanced features, such as velcro storage straps and a 12 ft. bungee tether.

Product Specifications

Dimensions Unrolled
Weight Capacity
Enhanced Features
High grade two-layer cross-linked polyethylene foam 1-3/8 inch
5.5m x 1.8m
Neon Green & Neon Blue
Velcro storage straps & 3.6m bungee tether
6 Months

Stay together on the water. No more drifting apart.

Have beach day with all of your friends. The Floating Fortress supports up to 6-8 adults.

Float pad works great, and half the price! We had 2 kids and 3 adults on this and had zero issues. It has been in the water for almost 2 months straight and working great. We tied it to the side of our dock.
- Eric Rainey

Durable, High quality floating mat.

Being equipped with extremely durable cross-linked polyethylene foam means no more worrying about tears and does not fade in the sun.

Parents and grandparents also had a blast. Material seems to hold up well, I’m a not small 230 and haven’t had any issues with raft other than the grandkids knocking me off. Seems like a good value for the money.
- Bar

No assembly required. Just roll the mat out.

This floating mat requires no assembly. This means you’ll never have to bring an air pump to the lake ever again.

It’s not heavy, takes seconds to deploy and packs easily.
- Stas

Portable home base on the water.

Bring this floating mat anywhere on the lake. Use it as a dock for the ultimate day out.

It has worked like a charm.
- V. Spoone

Tanning made easy. Minus the sand.

Get tanned this summer with the Floating Fortress. Get the full body tan whilst feeling the comfort of the water breeze.

Awesome! Grandkids live on this in the lake.
- Pat Wilkins


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