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Zanova Soap Paper is designed for kids to keep clean and get into the habits of washing hands for at least 20 seconds.


Collagen enriched - Infused with plant-based collagen, a powerful ingredient to keep your child’s skin to be elastic, strong and clean. 


Portable - Fits in bags or even pockets. While your kid enjoys riding on their new ATV’s it’s is also very common for them to get dirty. Our product is perfect for quick cleaning sessions before, during or after the ride!


Durable Package - Innovative design. Our design allows your children to use it even when you are not around. Moreover, the package doesn’t get crushed in your bag or pocket so you don’t have to worry about that! 


Sustainable - Minimal environmental impact and footprint. 100% plastic-free.


Water conservation - Consumes less water than most soaps. It can be used with just 150mL of water (that's less than 10 tablespoons). If you want to teach your kids how to save water this is a perfect product for you!


Interactive - New way for your kid to wash their hands. While some children don’t like to wash their hands often, we offer a new and fun way of teaching them how to do it. Simply take it with your dry hands, put it in your kid’s hand, drop some water on a paper soap and let your child have fun with it!


What's included in the bundle:


  • 120 sheets in total (4 packs of Zanova Soap Paper. Each pack has 30 sheets). 


Strongly built with many advanced specs and extra safety features


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